The Office of the Executive Council is pleased to announce the appointment today 11 August 2008 of Mr. Josef Braun to the position of Minister of Finance in charge of the Ministry of the Treasury.  Below you can read the announcement of his appointment.  Mr. Braun will assist the Executive Council in the development of a precious metals backed currency for the Republic.  Mr. Braun has extensive experience in the fields of Finance, Tax Accounting and Banking.  We are pleased to have such an esteemed citizen of our Republic in such an important position.  Please feel free to send any contact information to our main e-mail at  Mr. Braun will recieve the e-mail and reply in a timely manner.
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The Ministry of the Treasury is pleased to announce the establishment of the Currency Scrip Reserve Institution (CSRI).  The CSRI is the body that oversees the Timucua Dollar Currency Scrip System.  For more information on the CSRI visit their website below.  We at the Ministry of the Treasury encourage all citizens of Timucua and those dealing business with the government and in Timucua to review this website and purchase Timucua Dollars for conducting your transactions with.  The CSRI will be working to establish a network of businesses that will accept the Timucua Dollar and will help to provide a stable self sufficient economy for Timucua.  "Building Timucua's Stairs to Wealth and Prosperity"  motto for the CSRI.


CSRI's website 

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