Welcome to the homepage of the Native American Tribal Republic of Timucua.  We are seeking new tribal citizens to join our tribe and micronation.  Please search our site and feel free to contact us if you'd like to consider joining us as a tribal citizen or if you would just like further information on our nation.  Below you can see our tribal seal.  On other pages you can find our Constitution, Statement of Statehood, Unilateral Declaration of Independence, and other documents that will tell you more about us.  Also you can find the flag of our nation which you will see more often.


Our ministries of the government are not yet fully staffed and their functions are currently being handled by the Executive Council of Tribal Chieftains.  You can contact them directly at republicoftimucua@gmail.com for any questions you have or any information you might want on the Republic and on matters of citizenship.


We are peacefully seeking our place to be recognized as a government of a Native American Indian Tribe  and Nation and as such will provide an ethnic heritage home to those who are of Native Heritage but may be lacking an ethnic heritage home.  We reject the criteria of "blood quantum" as dictated by the US however and seek recognition on a national government to national government basis.

We do not seek to disrupt or overthrow the existing order of the imposed structures of the United States of America or the State of Florida which exercise partial control over our traditional lands.  We simply seek our rightful place as a sovereign and independent Native American Indian Nation either through de facto or de jure recognition much as our brother tribes such as the Lakota, Choctaw, Apache, and Iroquois have gained recognition as First Nations by the imposed powers.  This said however, we do not seek recognition with the imposed powers other than on an equal national government to national government basis like Canada, France, Japan and other recognized nations have. We adamantly refuse the US "blood quantum" criteria for recognition as we believe that this contributes to the elimination of Native American Indian Nations over time.

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