The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that the Honorable Supreme Field Marshal J.Nick Kraft has been appointed by the Executive Council to the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Native American Tribal Republic of Timucua.  Please feel free to look at the .pdf file below that is announcing Supreme Field Marshal Kraft's appointment.  Also feel free to contact Supreme Field Marshal Kraft at on matters of Foreign Affairs.
Nicks appointment.pdf Nicks appointment.pdf
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 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is please to announce the appointment of Mr. Wilhelm T. Kydd to the office of Ambassador to the Bear Flag Republic and the Sovereign State of California effective 16 August 08.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce effective today 18 March 09 that our Embassy to the Soverign State of California is open.  The Embassy staff may be reached at  The Embassy staff there will assist our citizens in California with any issues that may arise concerning our government.  The Embassy will be located in Modesto, CA due to the central location of modesto.  We encourage our citizens visiting or staying in California to contact the embassy for any issues that may arise that they need our government's assistance in.

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